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Petrov, Yelyena, and Me

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My name is Kateri. Instagram - katerimavourneen. I'm a 21 year old fat girl living in Minneapolis, Minnesota: a good-sized metropolitan town that is currently in the process of being overrun by hipsters. I like weird movies, mermaids, animals, The Decemberists, Regina Spektor, Franz Ferdinand, interesting art, and love. I am currently craving bubble tea. I'm not sure what I'm going to put on here because I tend to ramble. We'll see what happens.

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Cockroaches will retreat to wash themselves after human contact.



Emerson Moser retired after 37 years of making 1.4 billion crayons for Crayola, later revealing that he was colorblind.



Tokyo, 1973

  • me: *not religious*
  • me: oh my god
  • me: praise the lord
  • me: thank god
  • me: oh dear lord
  • me: jesus christ
  • me: good god


Movie of my childhood


The world’s longest mustache is 14 feet long and belongs to Bollywood actor Ram Singh Chauhan.



Mer-Maid Manor (2P/Playbot)

Can you clean the manor before the Sea King comes home? In Mer-Maid Manor, you play as two lovely Mer-Maids tasked with cleaning the home of the angry Sea King in time for his daughter’s coronation. Avoid deadly sea anemones, squids and sharks as you clean house and collect as many points as possible before time runs out in this frantic, aquatic adventure!